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Machined Components

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Machined Components

Machined Components

Machining is a broad term that is used to remove material from a work-piece and includes processes like cutting, drilling, grinding, etc. Machining and machined components have been in existence for a very long time now; the introduction of computer numerical control (CNC) machines has expedited product development. Machined components are the heart and soul of the mechanical industry. There are numerous processes that exist to forge / cast machined components; at TianHua YiHe Foundry we use only the finest processes for a smooth finish and precise dimensions. Machining of parts is a process where a piece of raw material is cut to fit specific measurements. The raw material might be in any shape such as solid bar, flat sheet, beam or even hollow tubes. In addition, machining can also be performed on some existing part like forging or casting. Because machining removes material, making machined components is also called as subtractive manufacturing.

Machined parts are items we use day-to-day bases. In fact, we depend on them. They range from simple to intricate designs, used as either spare parts or tooling surface. Then, you need custom machined parts to be factory-made in a manner that is quick, cheap, and with proper technique. Machined components are commonly used in automobile and aerospace sectors, as well as in other sectors like defence and in injection moulding.

We supply components in fully machined condition using following machines:

· Sliding Head automats : Upto Dia 100 Accuracy 0.006 mm Surface Roughness 1.6 Ra

· Swiss Type automats : Upto Dia 100 Accuracy 0.006 mm Surface Roughness 1.6 Ra

· Thread Whirling Machines : Upto Dia 200 upto pitch 10

· CNC Turning Machines: Up to dia 700 mm Accuracy 0.02mm Surface Roughness 1.6 Ra

· Vertical Milling Machines: 1400x1000x750mm Accuracy 0.02mm Surface Roughness 1.6 Ra

· Turn Mill Centres : Up to dia 200 mm Accuracy 0.02mm Surface Roughness 1.6 Ra

· Horizontal Milling Machines: 1000x800x750mm Accuracy 0.02mm Surface Roughness 1.6 Ra

· Grinding and Lapping: Accuracy 0.01mm Surface Roughness 0.6 Ra

· Gear Hobbing: Spur, Worm and Helical

· Broaching Machines: Splines, Keyways

· Camshaft Machining Centres

· Special Purpose Machines

· Conventional Lathe, Milling and Drilling Machines

Material of Machined components:

· Alloy Steel Forgings

· Carbon Steel Forgings

· Stainless Steel

· Alloy Steel round Bars

· Alloy Steel plates

· Aluminium

· Brass

· Copper

· Bronze

· Ductile Iron Casting

· Grey Iron Casting

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