OEM Brass CNC Turning Machine Parts For Customized Machinery Industry
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OEM Brass CNC Turning Machine Parts For Customized Machinery Industry

CNC Machining Parts
  • THYH-CNC-1

  • THYH

  • THYH-CNC-101

Product Type

 Aluminum CNC machining turning part/ rivet self clinching nuts /camera  mount parts


 Aluminum alloy

Machining method

 Turning, Milling, Drilling, threading, punching etc..

Surface finish

 Polishing,blackening, Nickel plating,  Electrophoresis, Anodization


 Metal colors available





Delivery time

 15-20 days after order confirmation.




Packing Methods

 1.Prevent from damage.


 2.As per customers' requirements, in perfect condition.


 3.Send the parts by express, 3~5 days door to door service.




 Electronics products, Surgical instruments, Automotive parts, Optical  products etc…




 All parts are not in stock, customization only!

 Parts can be supplied according to customers' drawings or samples.



We are looking forward to our Win-Win Cooperations!!


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