In-depth Understanding of Ductile Cast Iron
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In-depth Understanding of Ductile Cast Iron

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In-depth Understanding of Ductile Cast Iron

In-Depth Understanding Of Ductile Cast Iron.

Dear readers, we sincerely introduce Qingdao Tianhua Yihe Foundry, a well-known manufacturer specializing in the production of cast iron products. In this issue, we will deeply discuss an important type of cast iron-ductile cast iron, and analyze its characteristics and application fields for you.
Ductile cast iron is a special form of cast iron, which has high ductility and toughness by adding different proportions of magnesium and rare earth elements in the casting process. It inherits the advantages of traditional cast iron, such as excellent fluidity, low melting point and high wear resistance, while overcoming its shortcomings of brittleness and easy fracture. This makes cast iron an ideal choice in all fields.
A. The following are the main features of ductile iron:
1. High strength and toughness: the tensile strength of nodular cast iron is 20-50% higher than that of grey cast iron, and the toughness is also greatly improved, so that it can withstand greater load and impact.
2. Good mechanical properties: ductile cast iron has high tensile strength, yield strength and compressive strength, which is suitable for stress under various complex working conditions.
3. Damping and damping performance: the microstructure of ductile cast iron can effectively absorb and disperse external shock and vibration, thus providing better damping and damping effect.

4. Good corrosion resistance: cast iron has high corrosion resistance, can resist the corrosion of acid and alkali and other corrosion media, and prolong service life.
5. Excellent machinability: ductile cast iron is easy to cut, drill, mill and shape, providing a wide range of manufacturing options.

B. The wide application of
ductile cast iron includes, but is not limited to, the following aspects:
1. Automotive industry: engine block, crankcase, brake disc, gearbox and so on.
2.Construction engineering: fittings and valves in bridges, building structures, piping systems, etc.
3. Mechanical engineering: transmission parts, machine bed, hydraulic cylinder, reducer shell and so on.
4. Mining and metallurgy: ore conveying machinery, ore crusher, ball mill liner, etc.
5. Agricultural machinery: tractor parts, agricultural machinery parts and so on.
6. Other fields: railway, aviation, water conservancy, energy and other industrial fields.

C,The material grades of nodular cast iron (ductile cast iron)are:
These grades represent different properties such as strength and toughness of nodular cast iron.

Qingdao Tianhua Yihe Foundry, as a manufacturer with many years of casting experience, we are committed to providing high-quality cast iron products to meet the needs of customers. We have advanced production equipment, professional technical team and strict quality management system to ensure that each product meets international standards and customer requirements.
If you have any demand for ductile iron or other cast iron products, please feel free to contact
Qingdao Tianhua Yihe Foundry. We will provide you with all-round technical support and solutions to provide strong support for your business development.
May our cooperation bring brilliant tomorrow to your career.

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