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Sand Casting From Qingdao Tianhua Yihe Foundry Factory

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Sand Casting From Qingdao Tianhua Yihe Foundry Factory

Sand Casting

Process wise details of Castings

We encompass all the processes in castings cater to weight range of 5 grams to 5000 Kg.

Sand Casting Processes

· Green sand

· Furron Sand

· Shell (Croning) Moulding

· Investment (Lost Wax) Casting

· Centrifugal Casting

Moulding Capabilities

· High Pressure / Disamatic

· Jolt squeeze machines

· Manual moulding for large parts

· Automatic sand plants

Sand Casting Materials


· Ductile Iron

· Grey Iron

· Steel

Non - Ferrous

· Aluminum

· Copper

· Bronze

· Brass

Sand Casting Range:


Sand Casting


50 grams to 5 tons - single piece


Up to 3 m length


Ductile iron casting (nodular iron), gray iron

Sand, combined with a suitable binder can be packed tightly about a pattern. When the pattern is removed, a cavity that retains the shape of the part remains.

Sand casting is one of the most popular and simplest types of casting that has been used for centuries. The sand casting process involves the use of a furnace, metal, pattern, and sand mould. A sand mould pattern of the desired shape is first made. The molten metal from the furnace is ladled and poured into the cavity of this sand mould, and then allowed to cool. The solidified casting is then removed for further processing. The sand casting process is used to produce a wide variety of metal components (mostly iron, but can also include aluminium, bronze and brass) with complex geometries. The process is used to produce a wide variety of machined components - from engine blocks, gears, pulleys, and crankshafts to large housings and machine foundations. Sand casting allows for smaller batches to be made compared to permanent mould castings at a very reasonable cost. This allows manufacturers to create products at a low cost and permits small size operations. Since sand is available easily in India, the country is a leading manufacturer of sand castings in the world. Another reason why sand casting foundries in India are popular is because of the superior skill of workmanship vis à vis the manufacturing cost.

Sand casting process is used to produce ductile iron castings and grey iron casting.

At TianHua YiHe Foundry, this is what we offer:

· Moulding Process: Green sand, CO2, no bake, shell sand (croning) and centrifugal.

· Core Making: Shell, sand, cold box, CO2, no bake.

· Moulding Equipment: Dismatic, high pressure moulding, jalt squeeze machine moulding, manual, automatic mold handling plant, mechanized sand plants.

· Core Making Equipment: Shell core shooters, cold box core shooters

· Furnaces: Medium Frequency Induction, Cupola, Arc Furnaces.

· Heat Treatment: Annealing, quench and temper, Austenitizing.

· Fettling / Cleaning / De-burring Equipment: Sand Blasting, Shot Blasting, Chemical Cleaning, Pickling and Grinders.

· Testing: Spectrometer, Chemical Wet Analysis, Microscope, Radiography, X-Ray, Hardness Tests, Tensile, Impact Testing, Mold / Core Hardness Tests, Magna-flux Crack detector, Leak / Pressure Testing.

· Pattern Making: Material - Cast Iron, Gunmetal, Wood, Aluminum

· Aids: CNC, VMC, HMC and Manual CAD/CAM, Solid Modeling and Rapid Tooling.

· Secondary Operation Facilities: Machining- CNC, VMC, HMC and Conventional Painting, Powder Coating. Plating: Zinc, Nickel, Chrome, Tin, etc.

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